The Ridgefield Recycling Center at 59 South Street will take glass bottles and jars; aluminum, steel, tin and aerosol cans; plastic #1-6 bottles but only ones with necks; newspapers, magazines, brown grocery bags and catalogues; corrugated cardboard; aluminum foil and trays; white office paper, computer paper and mixed paper (junk mail, cards, manila folders, colored paper); phone books; milk and juice cartons and aseptic containers (frozen food and ice cream containers); and plastic bags.

Last summer the Recycling Center began accepting “single stream recycling.” The service allows customers to combine all recyclable materials together in one container and is available to all business and residential customers. The center will not accept annual reports, automotive products, books, brown envelopes, carbon forms, chipboard, coated copy paper wrappers, diskettes, FedEx envelopes, folders, goldenrod envelopes, oils, light bulbs, mirrors, oil containers, paint cans, plastic pails and toys, polystyrene (Styrofoam), red rope, spiral binders, waxed paper, white goods, wood, fruit and vegetable boxes, or hazardous and infectious waste. Scrap metal and yard waste may be left at the transfer station.

The Recycling Center (203-431-2343), is open 7:30 to 3, Tuesday through Saturday, and is next to the transfer station. A detailed list of what is accepted and not accepted for recycling is online at, click on Recycling.