For emergencies like widespread blackouts or hurricanes, you might want to listen to radio station WLAD/800 AM, based in Danbury. That is if you heeded advice and stocked up on batteries for your battery-powered radio you acquired for emergencies.

The town has set up an Emergency Operations Center to coordinate all town agencies in the event of an emergency such as an enormous loss of power, an ice storm, or a hurricane. It is not a shelter. The town’s head of emergency management is Fire Chief Heather Burford.

The town also has implemented a reverse 911 system to notify residents in the event of a major townwide emergency. Residents whose numbers are published in the phone book have automatically been added to the system. Those with unlisted numbers may participate by filling out a form and sending it to the Ridgefield Fire Department. You may download the form from the town Web site, click on Emergency Preparedness.

There are three shelters in town that will provide food, water, and sleeping accommodations: Scotts Ridge Middle School, Branchville Elementary School, and Yanity Gym. In the event they are needed, residents would be directed according to their voting district.

The health department will provide information in the event of a public health crisis. The department would coordinate an inoculation center/clinic with the support of the RVNA. Volunteer nurses, doctors, pharmacists, mental health workers, and non-medical volunteers are needed and may call the health department at 203-431-2745.

The Department of Social Services (director Carole Konner, 203-431-2777) has been collecting the names of senior citizens and disable people who would need transportation during an emergency, whether it be a natural or manmade disaster.