Hours at the Ridgefield Library are Monday through Thursday from 10 to 8; Friday, 10 to 6; Saturday, 9 to 5, and Sundays, 1 to 5 (during the school year, but closed on Sundays in summer).

The library is closed for some holidays and on summer Sundays. The library’s website is ridgefieldlibrary.org, where visitors can take a virtual tour of the new library and find out more about what’s there. The director is Christina Nolan (203-438-2282, ext. 1002).

Other key phone number extensions

Children’s Services – ext. 12002,  Teen Services – ext. 11004,  Adult Programs – ext. 11013,  Book Club Requests – ext. 11011,  Homebound Delivery and Circulation – ext. 12003,  Adult Services – ext. 12004, to make a donation (which can also be done online) – ext. 11029.

Other phone number extensions can be found at ridgefieldlibrary.org/contact/#staff/